EmmeNation: Quieting The Storm – Body Peace is Possible

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EmmeNation: Quieting The Storm – Body Peace is Possible

I was just asked by to write about the best advice I’d give to women from my professional life …the following flowed freely on to the page!

The most valuable advice I love to share from my career in the entertainment and modeling world might sound cliché, but after over 2 decades of being in the public eye, front and center of the body movement and now a Mom of a teenager, I know this to be true: no matter what kind of body we may have, it’s up to us to embrace it, bless it, honor it, take care of it, and allow it to be uniquely beautiful, because a life in conflict with one’s body is a life not fully lived nor fulfilled.

It’s profound how a shift in focus can powerfully impact one’s life, not to mention becoming aware and mindful of the negative internal dialogue we choose to and allow ourselves to listen to day after day relating to our bodies.  Recently, by opening up to the concept of being a soul on a human journey instead of a human seeking a more spiritually based life, I’m thinking more of how grateful I am for what my body does for me, especially being my vehicle throughout life, taking me around the world, giving birth, the ability to heal quickly and allowing me to play and the joy I feel of being athletic all these years. The more I stay in this space, the less the pressure I feel in our culture to take on how to be/look/pretend to be different than I am, naturally.  That by a slight adjustment of focus slightly more inward brought me more peace, I knew I was on to something and wanted more, that’s for sure. Yes, happiness is truly an inside job, and I am now frequently reminded that it’s up to me to release my body back to her rightful owner, me!


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