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June 8, 2016

I have a few big announcements!

1.  My new blog: ASKEMME! For over two decades, you asked and I answered.  Ever inspiring, helpful go-to girlfriend for all things life: curvy, fashion, modeling, body image, self esteem, relationships, family, fitness, health, travel, and more! Ask away!  The best will be our ASKEMME Facebook LIVE shows where you get the chance to share your questions with me and I do my best answering all of them!  @ASKEMME also can be found on Twitter and Facebook!

2. I have a new BOOK due out Jan 2017! Chicken Soup For The Soul:  Curvy and Confident: 101 Stories of loving yourself and your body!   PRE ORDER HERE


3. I have a fresh new website:  SupermodelEMME  the home for AskEmme, #FashionWithoutLimits, #BodyBeautiufl educational mini doc project, my history, what I’m currently up to and where you can download my new EMME app!   EMMENATION will be up for a couple more months then all activity, updates and announcements will transition over to SupermodelEMME.com and the EMME app….I look forward to seeing you over there! 

4. Be sure to download my new EMME app to stay updated on all things EMME and to get involved.  Let my new EMME app be the place you share what styles are you looking for.  There you’ll see what me my team are working on our day to day, inspiration taken from nature, street style, architecture. Join us as we create my new clothing lines where we will be asking YOU what you want in the EMME brand and including you in contests and competitions!

5. EMMEbyibbi, EmmeActive and The EMME Collection are all coming 2016-2017! My apparel is a reflection of I am and who we are: busy women working, playing, sharing and giving all that we have for the best life possible for those we care for and leaving more than enough energy for our ourselves to shine and be our own inner goddesses.  Have you been looking for the most incredible fully fashioned knitwear dress or the ultimate contemporary uniform that reads quality when you walk into a room, that accentuates a mission, graces our shape, empowers our negotiations throughout all aspects of our daily lives, affording us the no brainer go-to wardrobe staple time and time again?  The friend that’s always is there to pick us up and allow us to do the job we have before us, while effortlessly making us look great, feeling confident and all the while leaving a positive imprint on those we meet and connect with? Well I certainly have and it’s  my mission to deliver these to you and more.  My team and I have been diligently been working over the past year with decades of experience between us for a quality product we all can be proud.    I look forward to seeing and hearing from you over there at the app!  Please share with your friends!




THE EMME app has arrived!! Please down load it here! Were in beta and need your feedback but all the fun and announcements will be here in the coming months so








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Emme is an engaging speaker that promotes a wellness lifestyle that focuses on positive body image.  Her personal stories and reflections are a source of both motivation and inspiration. She is an advocate for people of all ages to empower themselves and become critical viewers of media messages. Her message encourages the development and maintenance of self-esteem by leading a life that supports being healthy at every size and celebrating body diversity. Emme’s dynamic personality and her touches of humor connect the audience in a personal way that inspires hope." –Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt

EXCELLENT! I wish every woman of all ages could hear this talk. We need to hear more of this!"–Joyce C

Thank you for providing the opportunity to hear such a motivating and inspirational message of hope, inner peace, and self-acceptance. It was very motivating."–Beth

I really enjoyed Emme’s positive attitude. Her focus on the body image and self-love was encouraging. I found the speaker to be very relate able and easy to apply the topics/examples discussed to my life."–Carrie A.