Learning to Appreciate Our Whole Selves: Embracing our “Flaws” and Loving You, “Imperfections” Included!

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  1. We think, create and play best when we acknowledge all of who we are without obsessing on what we are not or do not have.  If we obsess over how to change our bodies in order to emulate someone else’s, we miss out on a lot of life.  We can not change our body type no matter what we do.  We can, however, make what we do have, the best it can be.
  2. Comparing ourselves to others will always be an endless battle of frustration; a road to nowhere.  To find peace, practice celebrating our bodies, minds and spirit together, not individually. Find friends who support you, rather than tear you down.  Use a writing journal to explore why you might be feeling uncomfortable and discover ways to lift your spirits in a positive and productive way. Follow this through and you will find your most unique self.
  3. Create balance.  We are a package of feelings, intelligence and physical attributes.  There is no way we can pick and choose which part is more important than the other. They’re all equal. When we get that anxious feeling in our tummy, the body is telling us we’re disconnected somewhere else in our life.  Remember that no one is immune to feelings of insecurity and anxiety.  Knowing you are not alone and not giving into it are very important emotional tools to changing your behavior and breaking the habit of body bashing and negative self speak.
  4. When another person picks on or harasses someone else, this is the universal language of bullying.  You learn it first in the playground, then the subtle yet comparative comments amongst girls in the locker room or getting ready to go out, the intent is to make others feel badly and insecure because the accuser feels badly, if not worse themselves.  Once they make you feel poorly and their need to pass off their negative feelings onto someone else is done, they feel better! Who needs that? Not you! No one! Sounds complicated but true.  More times than not, all the aggravation has nothing to do with you, but a target to dump their sad and discontent lives on someone else instead of addressing the issues front and center.   It may not take the sting away but I hope this helps what’s behind the madness.  Never deal with this type of issue alone, ever.  Bring in a friend, an adult, parent, family member to figure out a strategy on how to address the issue together.
  5. Replace body bashing comments with kind and pleasing observations and give your body the benefit of regular exercise, consistency is your best policy to creating life long mental, physical and spiritual health.  You may find that your emotions and moods will even out and your body shape that is naturally yours will become more tone and fit.  Bottom line: When you take care of yourself, what anyone has to say becomes less important!
  6. Eat when you’re hungry and don’t when you’re bored or just want to pass time.  I have a saying: Fuel yourself with food but don’t fool yourself! When you’re preparing a meal, be aware and mindful of the snacking (energy and calories stored in the food) of you’re consuming pre-meal.  This does add up and could amount to another full meal. Being mindful of our surroundings and emotions is a juggling act, but simple small steps toward balance, is what we’re going for here! Certainly not perfection.
  7.  To wrap up:  We were born to be unique and different from one another.  If we weren’t, life would be darn right boring.  Besides, diversity is where life is at!  There’s no fun in being the same.  Get out and engage!  Sign up for the yearbook committee, form a book club, travel somewhere you’ve never been to,  join a charitable organization and give back.  There’s no better way to immediately grow some gratitude wings within the life you already have when you help others who have much less.

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