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Life can really throw unexpected curveballs. Undoubtedly, the recent curveballs in my life have forced me to evolve to the point that I am now living a very different life than I once did. In May 2007, the news of my lymphatic cancer shook my world. I was of course faced with my own mortality, and concern for my family but I also faced the financial reality of my situation when my chemo schedule sidelined a TV hosting position that I had just accepted. Then the realization that my 18-year marriage was ending forced me to face the heartbreak and turmoil only a divorce can bring. With my then seven-year-old daughter as my priority, I resolved to face the challenges head on. “When the student is ready, the teacher comes.” (Buddha)

I boldly faced my fears of failure and success to step out of what had been my comfort zone for so many years. Today, I am cancer free, strong and proud of the new business I have built based on my personal life experiences during my ever-evolving inner revolution. EmmeNation, is dedicated to sharing what I have learned and continue to learn along the way and to building a forum for women to seek and share as well. EmmeNation offers women, who want to feel whole, the opportunity to be whole.

At EmmeNation, we are seeking to:

Let EmmeNation help nourish your body+mind+soul connection and stir your personal best to emerge. With a dose of stick-to-it-iveness, consistency and patience, you’ll notice life changing shifts take form.