EmmeNation: OH! Glorious Sweaters!

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EmmeNation: OH! Glorious Sweaters!

My love of sweaters has developed steadily ever since I left the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia as a child where on winter nights, a simple cotton turkish throw or red and white checkered gutra over our shoulders would take the night’s chill off of a camping trip in the desert.

But it wasn’t until I wore my first 2 ply cashmere crew over an oxford during my first Connecticut fall/winter in high school.  All I could say, thank God for cashmere! Wool in the 70′s made me itch like mad but cashmere, oh yes, I could go anywhere at anytime with cashmere.  Polar Fleece was in it’s early stages so off I went cross country skiing in cashmere, this kid from Saudi Arabia now embracing the frigid blasts that I was certainly not accustomed but feeling incredibly warm and comfortable!

My first winter in Syracuse was an eye opener and without a question all hands were on deck to stay warm. Thick irish sweaters, some chunky cottons, and of course my tried and true cashmeres saved me.  Improved merino wool varieties were popping up but much was left up to a fashionable look.  More utilitarian offerings for sure in the ’80′s.

Then my appreciation for wraps began after a few years in Los Angeles after college where once the sun went down, out came my pashmina!  I was on a budget so cashmere wraps were not a part of my repertoire!

My passion for a more fashionable sweater style and yarn began to grow when I began to live on the east coast over two decades ago.  I appreciate the style and statement a chunky cable can offer when paired over leggings with cowboy boots or during the summer with an over- sized white fine gaged fishnet sweater with simple sandals over a bright cotton cat suit – a sure hit for a  summer party!

Today, I’m fascinated by all things 3D in knitwear.  Technology has complemented the knit world immeasurably and Im excited to touch my toe in this when I come out with my future clothing lines in development! … Please take a look at EMMENATION’s Pinterest OH! Glorious Sweaters! page found here:  Style AND warmth, what a glorious treat!


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