Body Image & Self Esteem Q+A

Here at EmmeNation, we strive to acquire, promote and enhance self-esteem, acknowledging that sometimes we just need a little extra help reminding ourselves that we are individuals worthy of happiness, self-respect and confidence. We’ve accumulated some questions and answers to some of the most difficult enigmas when it comes to positive body image, providing helpful resources and tips to think about.

You may really benefit from NEDA’s information on acquiring and maintaining positive body image. They offer multiple handouts available on their web page to better understand body image and find ways to love yourself, even when there is a large negative influence from the media, closed-minded individuals and yourself.You can find a whole slew of body image-improving techniques here.

You might also want to check out the following sites that promote the achievement positive self-esteem:

    1. What are some ways I can get involved in the positive body image/self-esteem movement?

It’s easy! You can do something as simple as tweeting out a positive message on Twitter or posting an interesting article about body image in our society on Facebook. You might also want to check out Operation Beautiful, a movement that posts positive messages to remind individuals of their beauty in bathroom stalls, mirrors, fitting rooms and just about anywhere! Check that out here.

Here are a few other organizations that you can get involved with that might be able to help you make a difference:

    1. How can I combat the media’s images of ‘ideal’ figures and shapes?

It can be incredibly frustrating to feel like all of the images being thrown at us from the media are only going to hurt us, but there are strong movements and a lot of buss surrounding these ideals and the need for change. Sharing videos that go against these negative ideas, tweeting about the absurdity of these expectations and sharing articles that discuss just how wrong the media is are simple ways you can get the word out that this is backwards thinking. Consider the following ideas.

Exciting news at EmmeNation: we are collaborating with Syracuse University on a campaign to Changing the Face in Fashion Design in all Fashion Design Schools across the country and the world, starting at Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts Fashion Design School.  A campaign to  readdress the current curriculum and the addition of a size 16 dress form in the design room to stand along with the size 4 dress form.   The curriculum includes the current psychological barriers and ideas change for women not being able to find clothes,  pattern making and dress design for woman above size 12 along with what is currently being taught for those below a size 12.  Quite revolutionary I’d say!  We’ll have more about this in the next 6 months so check back!

Anything you can do to promote an article that speaks to the positive body image efforts, share a video discussing a current issue we are seeing in the media, or start a discussion on any platform is helping the cause and getting the word out there. The more we talk about it, the more they nay-sayers will look crazy and those of us working for the common good will become the norm!

Under-18 Models and The Law

    1. Where can I find positive examples of people in the media stepping up and making a change?

We suggest taking a look at the following websites, videos, films and organizations :