2014-06-18 20.04.23-2You may know me as Supermodel EMME, the world’s leading plus size model, television personality, author, lecturer, creative director of clothing lines, and globally recognized women’s advocate for 20 years.

Whether it’s on TV or online, I’m speaking about positive body image and self esteem in one form or another with a clear mission: To awaken the inner magnificence inherent in each of us.

Take a 360 turn into my personal life and my village know me as a soccer and basketball Mom, carpooling gaggles of kids to an fro and organizing sledding parties.  Through it all, over the years I have been blessed with this crazy and unexplainable job that takes me away to cool locations and on TV sometimes on a moment’s notice sharing my opinion about women and girls involving our bodies and ourselves!

I feel incredibly blessed of the accomplishments I’ve had along the way:

  • People Magazine twice selected as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in The World”
  • Ladies’ Home Journal  as one of the “Most Important Women in America”
  • One of Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year”
  • Biography Magazine’s “25 Most Influential Women.

emme_aboutThanks to a whole lot of people around me including my family (thank God for family), my village (thank God again for friends) and a whole lot of professionals supporting the specific work I do, there is never such a thing as luck per se when you see a star or celebrity, luck actually has very little to do with it.   It’s a lot of hard work, coordination between all the moving pieces, patience and as with everything in life, timing.  I believe everything comes down to two things: our attitude in life and patience.  Patience to allow perfect timing to take place for all good things to happen, but boy is it hard to get out of ones way sometimes!

I’ve been on some incredible platforms speaking about  lifestyle issues including fashion, attaining fitness and health, surviving cancer, mothering, embracing one’s body+mind+spirit, and how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle on The Oprah Winfrey ShowThe Dr. Oz Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show, CNN’s American Morning,  20/20The Rachel Ray Show, CNN Headline News’s Showbiz TonightEntertainment TonightOMG Insider, NPR to name a few.

Admittedly, I was one busy woman for a few years there but let me pull back the curtain and bring you up to speed with some things you may not know.   By 2010, I had survived cancer, went through a divorce, became a single mother, hung in there with the rest of us during 2008′s sock in the stomach causing my own roller coaster of “failures”, false starts and crippling doubt if I could continue in my passionate career or be forced to find a more traditional form of employment.

Like everyone I knew, post 2008, millions were working hard to get out from under a new found debt and out of a job.   On a day to day basis, I found myself  learning to let go.  Letting go of the outcome, and being present with what was right in front of me, not ten steps ahead, but in the here and now.  I needed to learn to embrace quality in all areas in my life and powerfully connect to my body + mind + spirit, no matter what fell on my plate.  To let go of a perfection driven life to ever take hold of me again.

Enter EmmeNation V2, 2014.  I along with the women (and a few feminist men) in the EmmeNation community, we are committed to learning to embrace a mindful life as often as we can.  Making a concerted effort to slow down and being willing to start over again and again to finally getting the lesson.  But most especially, to joining together and sharing our journey together. Refusing to be a ship without a sail or a lone warrior with out a posse and willing to let go of the burden of the world on their shoulders.


At EmmeNation :

-We not only forgive others but ourselves and allow others to be who they are without our need to control.   We are beginning to realize our job is an inside one, and to let others go do the same, if they choose to.

-We’re learning to embrace our perceived imperfections when faced with fear and not to run back to the familiar place of complacency or inaction or self flagellation.

-To being who we uniquely are and not something we’re not.  (Check out our newest WHOLE YOU Adventure EmmeCruise for May 17-24, 2015.) and,

-By being open to the present moment and the new opportunities that knock on our door.

Whether it’s communicating via TV, radio, blogs, podcasts, magazines, social media vehicles, or clothing lines, I remind myself,  to remain open and work the practice:

1. Not to take anything personally,

2.Do my best,

3. Try not to make assumptions, and

4. Be impeccable with my word.

Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz for what I know will take me a lifetime to clearly understand and implement in my day to day.

We are all working on it, all.  Remembering to practice, practice, practice for the rest will come, in “it’s” own time.  Patience and practice – not perfection.

As many of you know about me,  I love fashion and have plans to get back “into the game” in a meaningful way.  I look forward to witnessing a shape shift within the fashion industry so all women wanting “in”, will be served.  That day is certainly is coming, thanks to the digital age and social media with millions of you connecting, empowering each other and organizing online around the world.  Keep it going, let your voices be heard and join EmmeNation with your friends.

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With a great big hug and abundant wishes for your good health, I’m pleased to welcome you to EmmeNation!



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Check out our newest WHOLE YOU Adventure EmmeCruise for May 17-24, 2015.

PHOTO: Fashion to Figure jumpsuit, Karin Zimmerman accessories