#BodyBeaUtiful Summer Cocktail Party: Beauty To do’s

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Beach #BodyBeaUtiful Cocktail Party:

Beauty To do’s!

by Uber @SupermodelEmme intern, Forham Univeristy grad student: Maya Falkner-Guidice

It’s summertime and the sun is shining bright, friends are gathering this weekend for a long over due cocktail party! Ready, Set, Go!

Cool at the Pool

Let’s think chic, finding the essential items for a summer day party can be easier than you think.

It requires mild preparation, and with  #BodyBeaUtiful inspiration checklist, you’ll feel your best, and be ready to enjoy your beautiful day.

What to Wear

Chic, Chic, what is chic when it comes to beach attire?

Explore different trends, such as white lace shawls, long black maxi dresses, V-neck body suits with gold body jewelry.

Hair for Summer Days

Summer is the perfect time to braid, shave or get the perfect summer cut. Here are some questions  to get you started:

Is it humid outside, do you have “frizzys”?

Humid Hair Solution:(not in any particular order)

1. Leave In-Conditioner – Your “Best Friend”

2. Mousse- may dry out, but is helpful if used with a leave-in conditioner

3. Hair Spray- maintains flyaways

As we all know these products are based on your hair type. Curls are trendy and super chic at any beach party. While curls tend to need a deeper condition or moisturizer, thinner hair can use an oil treatment to enhance shine, and promote non-greasy, healthy looking hair.

How to: Curls 101

Summer is not always the best time to use a straightener. After a day of swimming in the pool, chlorine combined with thermal heat can cause split ends on any hair type. So, lets attempt curls in another way.

1. Wand

- If you don’t mind spending some time in your bathroom, listening to music and using your hair wand go for it! It creates a precise curl and is currently all the buzz, so try it out!  (Invite a friend over to help, time goes by faster, plus you both arrive at the party together)

2. Natural Textures

-Braid or twist your hair before bedtime. IF you have THIN hair, lightly WET your hair than braid or twist. You may not achieve curls, but at least your hair will have a nice texture for the party.

- Avoid scrunching your hair! It’s so yesterday, and gel can dry out your hair too, instead try out the beach wavy look , it’s a salt-water based spray, specialized for fine hair, so even if you can’t get to the ocean before the cocktail party, you can spray your damp hair and have everybody talking about your #Oceanwaves.

-Courser textured hair needs some extra love, try a coconut cream, the scent smells tropical and is a total conversation starter! “Girl, you smell good”! #bahamamama

3. Up-Do’s

- Messy buns and top knots are always a #classic summer do! Try adding a flower, or a subtle gold headband to elevate your chic look! Also, bobby pins are helpful in case you are a dancing queen and want to keep your tussled hair looking proper!

Remember, if your hair is perched from a day of tanning on the boat or a pool day, don’t be afraid of trying moistures that detangle to enhance your mane! No one wants queasy hair but, dry brittle hair is no fun either. #thepartyawaits


Refresh your face!

Make-up during the summer is fun, because you can experiment with brighter colors and get away with little to no foundation. Typically, a sun-kissed face with a beach tinted lip is acceptable for a chic look. Waterproof mascara, shimmery cheeks, and a light bronzed eyeshadow are strongly encouraged!


Summer cocktails are a fun way to refreshingly cool off, and socialize! Hot days, cold drinks. Try these options:

Tip:Take plastic cups, Dye sugar and salt your favorite color and dip the rims of your glasses for a fun look!


1. Classic Gin and Tonic with a Lime garnish (try freezing in ice cube trays)

2. Watermelon Margarita with a strawberry garnish

3. Dirty Shirley’s (adult version of a Shirley Temple, add your favorite vodka)

4. Rum Mojitos (try muddling blackberries and use extra mint)

5. Piña Coladas with pineapple garnish

6. Berry Cosmos

7. Flavored Vodka tonics

8. Layered jello-shots (check out pinterest)

9. Red & White Sangria ( add sliced granny smith apples,oranges,limes)

10. Citron vodka with lemon lime soda/ or seltzer with limes/lemons


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