Sister to Sister Launches Groundbreaking Screen Us Where We Are Campaign with Supermodel Emme

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About Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister: The Women’s Heart Health Foundation founded by Irene Pollin, MSW, PhD (Hon) in 1999, is the first

organization focused solely on women’s heart disease detection, education, and prevention. For 15 years, Sister to Sister

has served as the leading facilitator of in-person heart-healthy evaluations, and has provided 100,000 free cardiovascular

screenings with immediate results and counseling to women of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. Sister to

Sister’s fight to prevent heart disease in women is not over, as 1 in 4 women are still dying of the disease despite the fact that it

is preventable up to 82 percent of the time.

In collaboration with leading medical experts and organizations, Sister to Sister develops national campaigns, cause-
based marketing programs, multilingual educational materials and infographics, and research papers to motivate women,

policymakers and the health care providers to invest more of their time and resources in heart disease prevention. Sister to

Sister’s latest campaign, Screen Us Where We Are, launched in April 2014 to urge the medical community to ensure all women

are being provided basic, preventive cardiovascular screenings at any health care setting that provides what amounts to

primary care.


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